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    FinTech Navigator is a new online financial technology resource designed to provide business and IT professionals with the information assets they need to discover and evaluate the niche financial technology solutions and innovative processes that are hiding in plain sight.


    How do we know this? Members of FinTech Navigator's Advisory Board are frequently asked by business analysts and IT professionals as to why they're unable to achieve their operational and revenue goals. This, despite their substantial technology and consulting services expenditures to procure and deploy industry-leading fin-tech solutions.


    In response to these questions and the growing demand for recommendations that don't rely on inadequate technology or inflexible solutions to solve rapidly-evolving financial services challenges, we developed FinTech Navigator.


    Our mission is to provide the unbiased analysis and suggestions that will help investment management professionals increase efficiency, improve predictability and ultimately improve. profitability.

    FinTech Navigator addresses the key issues Facing of the financial services and treasury management businesses including:

    Asset Managers

    Broker Dealers

    Global Custodians

    Corporate Treasuries

    Central/Regional Banks

    Liquidity Providers

    Fixed Income

    Equities Cash Management

    Treasury Management

    Foreign Exchange


    FinTech Navigator’s audience and key stakeholders within the Financial Services Industry includes the following positions:


    Chief Investment Officers

    Portfolio Managers

    Risk Managers

    Chief Information Officers

    Chief Technology Officers

    Chief Security Officers

    Chief Operations Officers

    IT Architects

    Data Management Professionals

    Project Managers





    Based in the heart of New York's Financial District, the FinTech Navigator Advisory Board has 75 years of collective hands-on experience with the integration and deployment of the established systems and processes listed below that are driving the growth and preserving the stability of the global economy.

  • Trade Order Management

    Portfolio Management

    Risk Management

    Post Trade Processing (STP)

    Collateral Management


    Treasury Management


    Corporate Actions

    Trust Portfolio Accounting

    Fund Administration

    Enterprise Reconciliation



    FinTech Navigator actively supports your internal and external IM teams teams with the strategic analysis needed to deploy the appropriate niche technology solutions that will enable market expansion via the enhancement of the standard systems, processes and enterprise software listed below.


    What's more, FinTech Navigator is well-versed in the emerging technology that some consider disruptive. Our view is that its only disruptive if you are unprepared. Are you prepared for the innovations listed in the far right column?

  • OMS / PM

    Quantatative Risk /Valuation

    Performance Measurement & Attribution




    Corporate Actions

    Enterprise Reconciliation

    Big Data / Data Management

    Business Intelligence & Analytics


    Block Chain Technology

    Artificial Intelligence


    Open Source Solutions



    The debut edition of our continuing series of actionable information white papers will explore and examine alpha and smart beta technologies that can address the complex issues facing portfolio managers, traders and their IT counterparts.


    Given that active investment management still represents over 75% of overall buy-side trading, these white papers will tackle key goals such as facilitating real-time, smart Investor Book of Records (IBOR), enhancing quantitative risk, performance measurement and valuation operations.


    What's more, later in the whitepaper series, FinTech Navigator will help investment management grapple with daunting compliance and regulatory mandates, plus other valuable topics - to empower the buy-side to conquer their quest for their elusive alpha and smart beta goals.

  • Active Investment Management, Smart Beta, and Factor Investing: The Impact of Niche FinTech Data Management Solutions

    This white paper is the first of a series that consider the business and technical impact of niche FinTech solutions on mission critical operations for financial services organizations.


    Specifically this paper explains the concepts of Active Investment Management, SmartBeta, and Factor Investing.


    In parallel, we will highlight the importance of key niche FinTech data management solutions.

  • Empower Your Future with Data-driven Decisions: A Precision Data Analytics Platform to Help Organisations Make Better Decisions, Faster

    In this whitepaper, FinTech Navigator examines a New York City-based software firm called “ActiveViam” which offers a very unique and powerful analytical platform called “ActivePivot.”


    This niche solution complements other key applications for buy side firms; such as OMS, portfolio management, risk management, position keeping, and related systems.

    Performance Measurement, Attribution, and Valuation: Business Requirements, Niche FinTech Software Offerings

    Currently, successful active investment management has been an elusive goal. Between regulatory constraints and the relatively inexpensive alternatives of passive investment, more and more investments contributions are flowing toward passive investments vehicles such as index funds.


    In order to meet the daunting goals of active investment and to justify the leap of faith to have investors pony up additional fees, it is necessary to have optimal execution of investment strategies.


    This whitepaper presents some solutions for consideration.

    Billing Challenges of the Buy-Side and Global Custody

    Fee schedule changes can present complicated challenges for billing teams. This whitepaper examines Client Resets and Aggregate-Tiering and the obstacles that accompany them.

    Performance Measurement and Niche FinTech Solutions – The Enosys Group

    Enosys Group is a boutique consulting company founded in 1995 by Tony Skutnik, who was interviewed to further understand what businesses like his do for financial companies. According to Tony, financial services sector systems become outdated every 5-7 years. These systems relate to all parts and processes of investing. Download the interview for the complete details.

  • Meet Our Advisory Board

    The FinTech Navigator Advisory Board is comprised of accomplished financial services technology leaders who will help us fulfill our mission of providing business and IT professionals with the information assets they need to discover and evaluate the niche financial technology solutions and innovative processes that are hiding in plain sight.


    They will serve several roles from identifying the most relevant challenges facing FinTech stake holders today to exploring the capabilities of up and coming niche technology vendors who claim to meet those challenges. *


    * FinTech Navigator's mission is limited to exploring niche technologies and solutions based on information provided by vendors and other third parties. FinTech Navigator and its advisors do not make or imply specific vendor recommendations and are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by third parties.

    Matthew P. Munafo

    Enterprise Account Executive

    Inpensa Software

    Matt Munafo leads Inpensa Software’s Sales and Services organization for the Eastern Region of the US and Canada.


    He is a capital markets and insurance industry domain expert with in-depth knowledge of securities and buy-side investment operations. He has over 20 years of experience and technology expertise in workflow re-engineering and business transformation initiatives.


    Matt has also held several sales executive leadership roles at Mercator Software, iWay Software, BEA, and OpenText. He can be reached at matthew.munafo@inpensa.com.

    Timothy Jones

    Principal & Founder of

    Ticker Consulting LLC

    Tim is the Founder and Principal of Ticker Consulting LLC which is a boutique financial services advisory, business, and IT professional services firm.


    Tim has 25+ years in the Financial Services industry, spanning both the buy side and sell side.


    He has played a strategic role in business, product management, engineering, trading, risk management, portfolio management, market data/algo HFT, valuation/attribution pertaining to several asset classes; including fixed income, equities, FX, money markets (including derivatives processing).


    Tim has also been involved in mission critical institutional operations for tier 1 financial services companies including Cantor Fitzgerald, NewEdge, SocGen, Santander Bank, and others.

    Darvin D. Klarin

    Chief Compliance Officer

    EP Securities LLC

    Darvin possesses 30+ years in the Financial Services industry, from an investment management, sell side, and exchanges perspective. Today, Darvin is Chief Compliance Officer at EP Securities LLC based in NYC, which is an M&A firm. He has also played other strategic roles in business, including head of operations, trading, risk management, portfolio management, market data/algo HFT, across several asset classes; including ETF's, fixed income, equities, FX, money markets (including derivatives processing). Mr. Klarin has been involved in mission critical institutional operations for tier 1 financial services companies including Merrill Lynch, XTF Asset Management, Knight Capital Group, and other marquee firms.

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